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Marriage Ministry Outreach (MMO) was formed in 2014 by a group of 4 couples who are selflessly dedicated to helping the marriages of others be the best they can be. With the divorce rate well over 50% in society today, there is an urgent need to address the core issues affecting marital relationships.

The concept of MMO was conceived by Carl & Leslie Everhart who are strong advocates of faith and family. They approached three other couples they knew who are just as committed to healthier marriages to form the MMO team.

The main purpose of this ministry is to:

Equip Couples to Improve Their Personal Relationships with Christ, and Each Other, According to God’s Plan.

Subsequent goals are as such:

  1. To anchor couples toward Jesus Christ.
  2. To fight Satan’s influence and hold on marriages by offering a program to counter his attacks.
  3. To provide this program to married or engaged couples (first) within Crossroads, then (second) the community as part of our “Outreach” program on a low cost basis.
  4. To provide this program on an ongoing and recurring basis.
  5. To build this program as a “living document” in such a manner as to make growing, and meaningful improvements.
  6. To begin the first installment of this program in the Fall of 2014.
  7. To begin with Prepare & Enrich, then sequentially offer all others (in order) on a continual basis.
  8. To encourage couples to complete all options by offering a “Group” wedding vow renewal ceremony for those who do, but not require it for participation.
  9. To identify and nurture leadership couples from our church family, to grow into class leaders and disciples to fulfill Crossroads’ core values.
  10. To encourage each class to establish a Small Group … (they may bond going through the class and feel a stronger “tie” for a Small Group).

With every attempt to better and strengthen our marriages, there will be challenges that attempt to set us back. The MMO team understands this, and as a response to all that might happen (or not happen)  has written the following:

Product Guarantee

There are few guarantees that come with this program.
The following items represent a sample of those guarantees:
1.   As you attempt to grow closer to Jesus, Satan will attempt to stop you,
individually or collectively. This may come at you from any direction,
including a spouse who is not equally yoked.
2.   A negative attitude can cancel a positive program.
3.   If you attempt to use this program in an effort to change your spouse into become more like “you,” and not with the goal of “you” growing to become more like “Jesus,” your program will fail.
4.   The amount of time, energy, and effort (large or small) that you put into this program, will equal the benefit you will receive from this program.
5.   The more prayer there is in your life, the more God there is in your life.
6.   This program is intended to serve as a “marriage vitamin,” not a marriage fix. If you’re in need of a “fix,” please seek professional counseling.

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