“After just one week in the class, we were able to communicate and identify our struggles easier. After five weeks, we are feeling better equipped to build our relationship and become closer. We now have tools to tackle conflicts together instead of against each other. The other couples in the class were wonderful to be around and learn from. David was a great teacher and very knowledgeable. The amount of experience David has with marriage counseling really enriched his teachings. We would recommend this class to every married couple we know, newly married or married for 60 years.”

 ~ Tina Blackford – Prepare & Enrich attendee – Married 12 years

“This class helped me understand my spouse’s love language, and gave me ideas on how I can keep their “love tank” full. The book is an excellent guide. Every married or soon-to-be couple should read this book, and if possible take this class.”

 ~ Anonymous – Marriage Tune-Up attendee

“Our marriage was pretty good when we started and because of this class it has only grown stronger!”

 ~ Ashlie & Evan Schoel – Marriage Tune-Up attendees – Married 6 years

“This class is very fun and enlightening – well worth the time.”

 ~ Chris Reisenbigler – Marriage Tune-Up attendee – Enganged to Wed October 2015

“We attended Paul & Wendy’s class after hearing about it at church. We have been married for 12 years and we have been involved in a few marriage outreach offerings previously. After the first night of this class I felt excited and was always looking forward to the next session. I found the content to be very useful and it has given my spouse and I so much insight into each other as individuals and as a couple. We have experienced growth throughout this process. Paul & Wendy did such a wonderful job at creating a safe, loving environment in which everyone could share. They were so candid and honest about their struggles as a couple that it really made them relatable and real. Awesome environment to grow individually and as a married couple. Thank you!”

 ~ Cassie Banks – Marriage Tune-Up attendee – Married 12 years

“Before we were struggling a lot; almost had a breaking point. Was a huge blessing to just know we both value our relationship enough to participate in a class. Just that alone says a lot! Learned how to better meet each other’s needs by filling each other’s love tanks, and exactly what gets the job done! Just know we very much appreciate you both! THANK YOU! <3  God Bless You Always”

 ~ Lisa & Sergio – Marriage Tune-Up attendees – Married 7 years

The following quotes are from the attendees of the latest class addition, “It Takes Three”, which made its debut in 2015:

“Just want to say I can’t thank you enough and we sincerely appreciate what you have done. We are going to miss these classes so much and its going to be sad not to come anymore. God Bless!!!”

“Lots of good information as well as encouragement to work our marriage better…”

“… it helped me to remember that Jesus has to be central to make marriage work.”

“I loved the focus on Jesus and the Bible. I also liked the segments, sections, particularly the ones that offered practical, Biblical solutions.”

“It was Christ centered.”

“Not alone in this journey. Jesus is key.”

“I would love to share that this program was very helpful to my relationship. It helped me to understand my partner more, be more loving with him, patient, and the most important is that I learned to accept him as he is, not how I want him to be.”

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